Membership 2019

Who can become a member?

Membership of the Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies is open to anyone with an interest in Iranian culture and civilization. The SSIS has a diverse membership that ranges from university students through qualified professionals in all disciplines to the still interested and involved retired community. Non-Scandinavian members must have an affiliation to a Scandinavian academic institution or be a participant at a Triennial Conference organised by the Society.

Please download, complete and email the application form to the Secretary. The applicants will be notified after their applications have been officially accepted. There are currently no fees. For further information please contact the Secretary.

Categories of membership

Regular membership is open to all persons who have demonstrated a commitment to the advancement of Iranian studies through scholarly research, teaching, doctoral work in the field, or through other appropriate academic accomplishments.

Associate membership is open to all those who have interest in the diverse aspects of Iranian civilization, but who lack the necessary academic qualifications for regular membership, or who do not intend to be involved in the Society’s academic activities or its executive process.

Student membership is open to registered graduate and undergraduate students. The student has to document her/his engagement in Iranian Studies.

Members of the Society receive news about its activities and are invited to participate in its Triennial General Conference.

Honorary membership

Honorary Membership is limited to outstanding, internationally recognized scholars who have made major contributions to the field of Iranian studies. The honorary members are:

Professor Emeritus Anders Hultgård, Uppsala

Ph.D. Judith Josephson, Gothenburg

Hon.D. Sigrid Kahle, Uppsala (†)

Professor Isaac Kalimi, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität

Professor Emeritus Carl Nylander, Lund

Professor Prods Oktor Skjærvø, Harvard

Professor Emeritus Bo Utas, Uppsala

Professor Fereydun Vahman, Copenhagen

Professor Kari Vogt, Oslo

Professor Karin Ådahl, Stockholm