Welcome to the website of the Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies!

The Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies (SSIS) aims to foster and advance Iranian Studies in Scandinavia, to encourage and facilitate scholarly exchange amongst its membership, and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning diverse aspects of Iranian civilization. The Society promotes high standards of scholarship in the field and encourages the teaching of Iranian Studies, particularly Persian language and literature, at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the Scandinavian countries.

Iranian Studies is defined as an interdisciplary field dealing with the study of the history, languages, literature, arts, and religions of Iranian civilization, including all regions with an Iranian legacy, especially Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Anatolia, and northern India. Courses in Iranian Studies is offered at different levels at a number of academic centers in Scandinavia, mainly at the universities of Copenhagen, Oslo and Uppsala.

The SSIS was initiated as an interdisciplinary scholarly society in 2010 by the Founding President Ashk Dahlén. The Society has some hundred members in Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltic States.

The aims of cross-disciplinary interaction and cross-fertilisation within the Society are reflected in the closeness of philology, linguistics, history, and religious studies in humanistic studies in general. These aims are furthered through the Triennial General Conference, held every third year. The upcoming 2nd triennial conference will be held in Uppsala in December 2015.

The SSIS website provides regular information of its organization and activities and serves the communication on a world-wide level between all those who are engaged in Iranian Studies or share an interest in them. The purpose of the website is also to facilitate exchange between Scandinavian Iranists and the international institutions supporting Iranian Studies.

Membership of the Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies is open to anyone with an interest in Iranian culture and civilization. If you have not yet joined, please visit our Membership page.

We welcome your interest in our society and and invite you to learn more about us. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or suggestions. For our latest announcements, click the small box on the bottom right of this page and enter your email address for all updates to the blog.

We welcome your participation!

Ashk Dahlén
Founding President


SSIS LogoThe SSIS logo depicts the fabulous bird Simorgh (Middle Persian: Sēnmurw) of Zoroastrian mythology. It is based on a gilded Sasanian silver plate illustration which today is displayed by the British Museum. The SSIS logo has been created by Cyrus Swire, a professional graphic designer living in Stockholm. Among other things he has made some excellent vector versions of ancient Persian drawings in the Persepolis Project (2005-2006).