Lecture: From Prophet Zoroaster to the present Parsis in India

Lecture by Hormaz Kapadia: From Prophet Zoroaster to the present Parsis in India

Zoroastrian religion and the Parsi community is an interesting and important, but sometimes overlooked element of contemporary India. Hormaz Kapadia gives a lecture about Zoroastrianism in India – and the World. Mr Kapadia will cover the history of the Zoroastrian religion in Persia before Islam, the Zoroastrians fleeing from persecution in their homeland, landing in India and the establishment and assimilation of the Parsi community in India. Why and how did the Parsis settle in Mumbai? How is present-day Zoroastrian religion adapted and practiced? How has the Parsis spread over the world after Indian independence? Look forward to all of this – and some hillarious Parsi anecdotes!

The lecture will be held in English. The entrance fee is 100 SEK, which includes drinks and snacks.

Time: Wednesday 19 September, 18.30 (drinks and snacks will be served from 17.30)

Location: Brokiga Bengalen Butik, Södermannagatan 50, Stockholm

Register by sending an email to info@svenskindiska.se. The number of seats is limited to 30.

Organised by Svensk-indiska föreningen