Exhibition: Knots – Persian carpet stories

In the period from September 22 to October 4 carpets and photos from Iran are displayed in the gallery Rådhusgalleriet in the center of Oslo. The exhibition, titled Knots – Persian carpet stories is organized by the photographer Rolf Larsen and Hege Jacobsen, owner of the Oriental carpet gallery Trojo Orientalske Tepper. It aims at showing more peaceful aspects of the Iranian society than the one that comes across in the current media coverage, featuring nuclear weapon programs, Iran’s role in the Syrian civil war and alleged human rights violations. The starting point is another concept familiar to the Scandinavian audience – Persian carpets.

In the exhibition the carpets tell their stories by means of their structure and visual expression – which tells a lot about who made them and under which circumstances. Also the many photographs from the trips to Iran that the two organizers have made together, contributes to the story that the exhibition aims to tell – the story about the Iranian knotting tradition which in a unique way brings together social, cultural and economic forces. The Persian knotted and woven textiles are, at the same time, utilitarian objects that meets functional needs, transmitters of cultural traditions, art work with aesthetic value and a commodity that for centuries has been part of an economic activity of global extent. Today it is still – although its days may soon be counted – a living tradition that is based on important social processes.

The organizers hope that the exhibition provides insight and triggers curiosity with respect to the Iranian carpet craft and, not least importantly, with respect to the country it comes from and its inhabitants.

A catalog, in Norwegian, has been written in connection with the exhibition, offering background information for the visitors.

Address: Rådhusgalleriet, Rådhusplassen 1, Oslo