Presentation of a Historical Corpus of the Persian Language

Dear colleagues and students,

We are pleased to welcome you to the the first seminar in Iranian Languages of the fall semester:

Presentation of a Historical Corpus of the Persian language
Lecturers: Dr. Mostafa Assi and Saiedeh Ghandi

Time: 2017-09-05 kl 10:15 – 12:00
Place: Rum 9-3042, Engelska parken, Uppsala University

Dr. Mostafa Assi is the Dean of the Department of Lingusitics at the Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies in Iran. Since two years back Dr. Assi and his colleauges and students, including Ms. Saiedeh have been working on developing a searchable historical corpus of the Persian language.

The presentation will be held in Persian and English.

Forogh Hashabeiky och Carina Jahani
Department of Linguistics and Philology
Uppsala University