Lecture: The Ossetic Language

Dr. Jan Henrik HolstThe Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies is pleased to invite you to attend a lecture entitled “The Ossetic Language“. The lecture will be held at Uppsala University on Tuesday 13 September 2016 , starting at 10:15 am. It will be given by linguist Dr. Jan Henrik Holst, Hamburg University.

Holst is the author of several books in linguistics, among them Lettische Grammatik (2001), Einführung in die eskimo-aleutischen Sprachen (2005), Armenische Studien (2009), Advances in Burushaski linguistics (2014) and Sanische historische Lautlehre (2014).

Location: Room 9-3042, Engelska parken, Uppsala University

Admission to the event is free. For more information please contact Professor Carina Jahani at the Department of Linguistics and Philology.