New Book: International Shahname Conference. The Second Millennium

Shahnameh ConferenceThe Shāhnāme (Book of Kings) completed in 1010 by the Persian poet Ferdowsi is the national epic of Greater Iran and the world’s longest epic poetry written by a single poet.

In 2011 an international conference on the Shāhnāme was held at Uppsala University to celebrate the second millennium of Ferdowsi’s majestic work and his role in the revival of the Persian language.

The fourteen papers presented at the conference has been edited by Associate Professor Forogh Hashabeiky and published by Uppsala University Press.

The volume International Shāhnāme Conference, The Second Millennium contains eight contributions in English by Ashk Dahlén, Dick Davis, Mahmoud Hassanabadi, Ali Hassouri, Syed Akhtar Husain, Judith Josephson, Charles Melville, and Gabrielle van den Berg. It also contains six papers in Persian.

This outstanding publication can be ordered from Uppsala University Press.