Symposia Iranica Second Biennial Iranian Studies

Symposia Iranica ConferenceSymposia Iranica warmly invites applications for papers that relate to any aspect of Iranian studies. This includes (but is by no means limited to): ancient through to contemporary history; literature; political science; philosophy; archaeology; religions and theology; geography; historiography; sociology; anthropology; music; art history; architecture history; ecology and the environment; cultural heritage; international relations; education; history; linguistics; Diaspora studies; new media and communication studies; economics; film studies; and the performing arts. Interdisciplinary papers and panels are also very welcome.


Symposia Iranica welcome proposals from postgraduate students and early career post-doctoral researchers from any discipline:

1. postgraduate students (enrolled or who graduate in 2014)
2. doctoral candidates (PhDs) at any stage of their degree; and
3. post-docs (subject to graduation within three years, i.e. January 2011).

Individuals falling into any of the above listed categories are eligible to submit proposals for a paper or pre-arranged panel. Forms are available for download from the website.

To be considered for publication, submissions must represent original contributions to existing scholarship and an indication be made on your application that you would like to be considered. The conference will be conducted in English. Proposals should be sent using the appropriate form by Saturday 15 November to:


Symposia Iranica inaugurated at the University of St Andrews with 99 speakers in 2013 as the first early career scholar-focused in the field. We bring together this group to celebrate, encourage and stimulate their interest and engagement with Iranian studies; our goal is to deliver a rounded, academically and professionally enriching experience that will have a real impact on the thinking, output and career objectives of our participants.


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