Seminar: Will Afghanistan be forgotten by the world?

anders fängeAnders Fänge holds a seminar on May 27 about the present situation and future challenges in Afghanistan. It is co-organised by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. The seminar is entitled ”Will Afghanistan be forgotten by the world?”, and deals with what will happen in Afghanistan after 2014, when the international military combat forces have left the country; the civil war continues; the development assistance decreases; and a new president is elected? It is certainly bound to be a future with many severe problems for an ill-fated Afghan people, but Fänge are also points out some possible signs of hope.

Anders Fänge has 20 years experience of having worked in the country for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan and the United Nations. He is currently a member of SASNET’s board. He has received a honorary degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Umeå University.

Venue: Department of Sociology, conference room 1, Paradisgatan 5 G, Lund. All are welcome.

Time: 17-19, Tuesday 27 May 2014


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