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1025_panagiotisProfessor Panagiotis Agapitos, University of Cyprus, will give a lecture entitled “From Persia to the Provence: Tales of Love in Byzantium and Beyond” at Uppsala University.

Starting out from the “tales of love” in Komnenian and Palaiologan Byzantium (12th – 15th c.), the lecture presents Medieval Greek erotic/epic fiction in a panoramic comparison with the respective works of the Frankish-Norman and Arabic-Persian medieval world. This comparison leads to the discovery of quite unexpected convergences and divergences of these three cultures in the literary representation of love and sexuality, hegemony and power, exoticism and alterity within specific historical, social and ideological contexts. The talk is accompanied by slides.

Place: Thunbergssalen, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS)

Time: 18 October, 18:15

Annual Lecture in Memory of Lennart Rydén. In collaboration with Bysantinska sällskapet, Uppsala.