New Publication: Minorities in Iran – Nationalism and Ethnicity after Khomeini

Elling MinoritiesBased on the premise that nationalism is a dominant factor in Iranian identity politics despite the significant changes brought about by the Islamic Revolution, Minorities in Iran: Nationalism and Ethnicity after Khomeini investigates the languages of nationalism in contemporary Iran through the prism of the minority issue. This is particularly evident among intellectuals and state representatives concerned with how to tackle the mounting ethnic mobilization among minorities today. Through a close and contextualized reading of a unique and broad-ranging material in Persian, this this cross-disciplinary work shows how the minority issue is crucial to the future of Iran.

The author Rasmus Elling is Assistant Professor in Persian at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen. Elling is currently involved with the ‘Urban Violence in the Middle East‘ project (ZMO, Berling and SOAS, London). As an extention of this, he is working on urban violence in the oil city of Abadan in the 1940s, and more generally the urban sociology of Tehran, Istanbul and other megacities of the Middle East.

Book cover appraisals:

“Rasmus Christian Elling’s wonderful book on Iran’s major ethnic minorities is a unique and brilliant analysis of the changing role of these ethnic groups… The book is highly recommended for students and scholars of Iran and of ethnic and nationalist questions, and for all thoughtful Iranians.” – Nikki R. Keddie, Professor Emerita of History, UCLA, USA

“In a challenging and well-researched book, Rasmus Christian Elling brings considerable theoretical sophistication to a subtle and acute analysis of the issue, focusing on four key minorities and their histories, particularly since the 1978-79 revolution… This important book, ground-breaking in Iranian Studies, is a major contribution to the political sociology of ethnicity, nationalism, and minority-state relations.” – Richard Tapper, Emeritus Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK

“This excellent book provides an analytically powerful yet subtle study of competing processes and discourses that shape Iranian cultural diversity. This is a highly erudite and well-written work, built on years of meticulous empirical research. Indeed, Elling has written a wonderful book that will set the standard for the future scholarship in this field.” – Siniša Malešević, Senior Lecturer, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

“Rasmus Christian Elling has addressed the thorny issues of minorities, ethnicity, and national identity in post-revolutionary Iran with such dexterity and care that from now on this book will be on the reading list of any serious scholar examining these topics.” – Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Associate Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University, USA


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