Call for Papers: Cultural Change in Iranianate Societies

OEAWThe Institute for Iranian Studies at the Austrian Academy of Sciences invites proposals for a symposium on Cultural Change in Iran and Iranianate Societies, to be held in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the institute.

Due to the limited number of speaking slots, prospective participants who wish to attend at their own expenses will be selected on the basis of abstracts of their papers. Abstracts of ca. 150-200 words will be accepted by email to until 15 July 2013. Notifications of acceptance will be sent before 31 July 2013. Advanced graduate students and recent post docs are explicitly encourage to consider this opportunity for presenting their research to an international group of scholars in an intensive symposium atmosphere.

The Institute of Iranian Studies began its research activity in 2003. Its core research program aims at exploring cultural processes in Iranianate societies. Proposals should reflect one or more aspects of the institute’s main research foci: Literary Cultures, Visual Cultures, Archives and Cultures of Documentation, Regional/Transregional and Inter/Transcultural aspects, Iran and Europe, Old Iranian Philology and Indo-Iranian Linguistics.

The Institute especially encourage proposals relating to one of the following themes:

  1. Literary Cultures : Reconsidering the role of literary cultures within the scope of Iranian studies (applicability and fruitfulness of philology, microtextual analysis and literary theory ; exploring perspectives of the study of literature in transdisciplinary approaches)
  2. Visual Cultures: Integrative approaches to art as an historical source (architecture and its representation in text and image; the image and its enemies; transregional and transcultural connections of Iran in the arts)
  3. Islamic Law in Persianate Societies (changes in legal compositional genres; legal pluralism; “Qadi justice” vs. “Sultanic justice”)
  4. Constituting Space: Texts as maps and manifestations of territory (texts as bearers of territorial notions and concepts; textual media as indicators of space; the “literary space”)
  5. Iran and Europe: political, intellectual, visual and literary encounters between Iran and Europe, 1400-1925
  6. Old Iranian, Middle Iranian and Indo-Iranian languages in historical and comparative perspectives, including stylistics, poetics and literary traditions

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