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Uppsala Universitets sigillFarideh Okati successfully defended her dissertation, entitled The Vowel Systems of Five Iranian Balochi Dialects on December 12 at Uppsala University. The dissertation has been published jointly in the series Studia Iranica Upsaliensia and Studia Linguistica Upsaliensia. Mrs. Okati received her M.A. in English Literature at the University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran, and is a contributor to the Iranian Journal of Applied Language Studies, which is published by the Linguistics Society of Iran and the University of Sistan and Baluchestan in cooperation with Uppsala University. The dissertation The Vowel Systems of Five Iranian Balochi Dialects can be ordered online from Uppsala University Press.

Book description:

The vowel systems of five selected Iranian Balochi dialects are investigated in this study, which is the first work to apply empirical acoustic analysis to a large body of recorded data on the vowel inventories of the different Balochi dialects spoken in Iran. The selected dialects are spoken in the five regions of Sistan, Saravan, Khash, Iranshahr, and Chabahar located in the province Sistan va Baluchestan in southeast Iran. The aim of the present fieldwork-based survey is to study how similar the vowel systems of these dialects are to the Common Balochi vowel system (i, iː, u, uː, a, aː, eː, oː), which is represented as the vowel inventory for the Balochi dialects in general, as well as how similar these dialects are to one another. The investigation shows that length is still contrastive in these dialects, although the durational differences between the long and short counterparts are quite small in some dialects. The study also reveals that there are some differences between the vowel systems of these dialects and the Common Balochi sound inventory. It seems that Persian, as the dominant language, has had an influence on these dialects and caused a lowering tendency among the higher vowels.