New Book: Iranians in Sweden. A Study of Language Maintenance and Shift

TitleIranians in Sweden. A Study of Language Maintenance and Shift
AuthorShidrokh Namei
Studies SerieSkrifter utgivna av Institutionen för nordiska språk 86
PublisherDepartment of Scandinavian Languages

Iranians in SwedenThere are about 100,000 Iranians in Sweden today. The majority of these migrated to this country during the Iran–Iraq war in the mid-1980s. Iranians are heterogeneous in terms of language, religion, and other cultural manifestations. Studies show that the majority of those who migrated to different Western countries around the world are highly educated and belonged to the upper-middle class in Iran. They exhibit a strong ambition to achieve social and economic success in the host countries. This is also observed among the second generation. According to official statistics, 55 percent of university-aged Iranians born in Iran and living in Sweden were enrolled in Swedish higher education in 2006. The corresponding figure for young Swedes was 46 percent. Becoming successfully integrated into a new society and acquiring deep knowledge of its language and culture can, however, be a two-edged sword. These efforts may negatively impact the maintenance of the mother tongue, which is the question explored in the present study.

Iranians in Sweden. A Study of Language Maintenance and Shift addresses itself primarily to readers interested in language maintenance and shift issues. It also may be of interest to persons, such as teachers, who interact regularly with second-language learners and who are interested in acquiring a deeper understanding of the sorts of issues they face.

The book can be ordered from Swedish Science Press.


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