Call for Papers: Power of Identity. The Persian World in Research

An International Conference on Iranian World will be organized and hosted by the Department of Iranian Studies at the University of Warsaw in 15-16 April, 2013. The Conference will be held under the name Power of Identity. Persian World in Research and would focus on so called Greater Iran as a vast civilization area of a glorious past and much promising future. The aim of the Conference is first of all to examine the key issues covering Iran’s spiritual and intellectual legacy and its message to the rest of the world with the utmost stress being put on the crucial notion of identity. It would include language and literature, philosophy, fine arts, history and archeology, anthropology, oral heritage, society, and some contemporary issues, or all which in a way or another covers the specific area where the Iranian languages are or used to be spoken and where the Iranian civilization has marked its influence.

The Iranian World throughout its long history had been in multiple interactions with not only neighboring but also remote countries, peoples, and civilizations that not rarely have exerted their impact on it and vice versa. However, the most outstanding hallmark of the Iranian or Persian civilization is and always has been its continuity and preserving its vital sources throughout the centuries in a way that it has never lost its identity. Beyond any doubt, the strong identity should be perceived as a main component of the Iranian cultural complex based upon the Persian language and its literary output. Despite many vicissitudes and political, social, ethnic, and religious upheavals throughout its history, Persia has not changed its key features that determine its identity.

Thus has it left an impressive legacy for itself that has attracted intellectuals and scholars for centuries. It still calls for in-depth research in many areas and from many perspectives. Researchers from diverse fields are invited to take part and contribute to this scholarly event. Both great narrations and close-range-insight researches are welcomed. The interdisciplinary approach would be strongly encouraged. The presentations will offer a multi-dimension picture of what is called the Iranian World in a broader sense of the word both in its historical and contemporary aspects.

Deadline for application form and submission of abstracts: 15 November 2012

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