Passing of Professor Emeritus Iraj Afshar (1925-2011)

It is indeed with great sadness that I inform you of the loss of the prominent scholar of Iranian studies, the late Professor Emeritus Iraj Afshar. Iraj Afshar has left a tremendous corpus of some 300 works as an invaluable treasure for students, scholars, and all who are interested in Iranian cultural heritage.  He was a consulting editor of Encyclopedia Iranica at Columbia University and an emeritus professor of the University of Tehran. He was also on the Advisory Council of the Iranian Studies Journal and worked as the editor of the Iranology journal Sokhan, as well as other publications such as Farhang-e Iranzamin and Ayandeh. He was the chief bibliographer of Persian books at Harvard University, a professor at the University of Bern and one of the founding members of the Iranian Society of Philosophy and Human Sciences affiliated with UNESCO. According to Ali Dehbashi, Afshar’s latest notes will be published in the New Year edition of the Bokhara journal. The University of Edinburgh in Scotland was going to present the veteran scholar with an honorary doctorate in September 2011. Hence, one could say he is definitely “a man for all the seasons”, with an everlasting presence for every one of us. Therefore, let us share our condolences with each other as well as his distinguished family, because  his passing is a loss for the greater family of Iranian scholars and academia in Iran and outside.  

Very Respectfully,
Ashk Dahlén

University of Oslo


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